Tuesday, July 9, 2013

geeky rant.

so last week, my faithful fully loaded bible of a laptop started SMOKING.  I don't mean it developed some personification like qualities and picked up a cigarette. I mean smoke was billowing out of the motherboard. sonofabitch.  I don't know yet if the hard drive is smoked or salvagable. luckily I purchased a 2nd laptop from my ex bf a year or so ago. not as powerful or nice but a good back up.  however, said back up had a buggy keyboard so I couldn't type.  After hours of research I found a fix/work around and I can type on it now.
So...I am doing side work for a friend...graphics and flyers and what not.  so all my ...everything was on the other laptop.  everything.  (thank god for over sharing photos on facebook because...yeah. )  so I had to figure out how to download my graphics program that I purchased legit in 2009 onto this new laptop.  I managed to get that to work.  and downloaded a free trial of adobe something (that lets you convert PDF to doc files.  nevermind)  and regular adobe acrobat.  so I manage, after ALL evening, to get everything singing and I get the flyer made and I go to print it as a PDF.  in adobe.  and its crap. garbled crap.
so I download a free PDF printer.  one I have used for years.  and voila. perfect PDF.  WTF, Adobe?

If you are lost, it goes like this...computers are a pain in the ass...especially during MERCURY EFFING RETROGRADE!!!

So now that I have this computer de-bugged and all kinds of stupid ass annoying add ons and virus wannabes removed I feel like maybe it will function for me.  I miss my STUFF. I had a lot of STUFF on the other one and I hope the hard drive is salvageable.  ergh.

In other news, I am turning my attention to documentaries this week because cartoons are...well ...not playing right now.

Its not 12:30 and I was planning to hit the hay at 10.  hahahaha!!

ok.  here endeth the most boring technical rant EVA.

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