Saturday, August 24, 2013

Life is beautiful

Did I just say that?
Life is beautiful?
It's a pain in the ass!
Stressful and busy and exhausting
And beautiful and joyful and amazing
Once in awhile this thing happens know how in the twilight movies when Bella becomes vamp she sees everything suuuuuuper clearly? 
 Once in a great while I have a moment like that. It's usually fleeting.  But the memory of it stays with me.  
There is so much beauty in this difficult life.  We overlook it, rushing to our next to do list item usually.  
What if you took the moment it required to smell what your house smells like? Or your parents house?  Or your kids' hair.  It won't smell like a Johnson and Johnson baby head probably (unless your kid is a baby.  In which case, share!!) but it's their smell.
What if you took a moment to notice how your tea/soda/coffee/water feels in your mouth. And right as it slips down your throat. Or your food.  Do you REALLY TASTE your food? Texture.  Saltiness.  Warmth.  Spiciness.  Can you taste all the things you put in it? 
What if you took a moment to watch your dogs face and body when you touch him at all?
What does your wife's skin feel like? Have you noticed in 15 years? 
What does your lovers kiss taste like? Which way do you tilt when you kiss- left or right? What happens if you tilt the other way? 
What does your office chair feel like? What do you surround yourself with there? Which picture of your family? Why that one? 
When you dump the garbage late tonight, look up. Is there a moon? Is there a breeze? Are there sounds?
When you shower, what do you think about?
What is an itch? Why do I sneeze only in threes? What makes me laugh inappropriately?  What does 8:45 mean to you?
Ok that was random.  My bedroom clock has been frozen at 8:45 for a year.  Now it's like art. 
These are the details of being human.  Have you noticed? Or are you too busy fulfilling the other parts of being human to notice how beautiful the details are?  All these weird little details make up our existence.  They are pixels that paint our picture.  

Go.  Be.