Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Buy me a drink!

I know I don't write here much anymore.  I have other projects I am trying to birth.  But this morning I visited my old friend the blog and ...wow.  I'm pretty effing vulnerable up in here!  damn.
I'm kind of impressed with that vulnerability.  Its hard for me, in "real" life. but here where strangers from the Netherlands and people I don't know in FL read this and I'm all opened up and stuff. wild.

you all owe me a drink...that's all I'm sayin'. :)

someday...someday...you will bring me a print out of some entry in this blog that you liked or hated or that earned me a drink in your eyes, and I will sign it at my book signing party...with much animation and loud redheaded voice-ness

as you were. (I like shiraz, for the record. which is the same grape as syrah. But far more fun to say. Cuz who doesn't love anything Australian, right?)