Thursday, January 28, 2010

List of Gratitude, made with much effort today...

Not much to say, but here goes...

things that made me happy on this mostly heavy and crappy day:

going outside, finally, and discovering that my front flower bed is full of little violets.

cleaning off my back patio which was ravaged by muddy storms

hearing my kids talk to each other full of giddiness about McDonald's for dinner

my new white candle

a glass of mandy's grape juice, (followed by a glass of mommy's grape juice)

finding out Vampire Diaries is new tonight, even though Grey's and Private Practice are not

Cliff's handwriting

coldstone ice cream with my sister-cousin Amy

deep breaths of scented stuff, in an effort to lift the elephant off my chest


my new lamp, which was on clearance from $60 to $20 at Home Depot. It was lacking a switch so I bought one and ta-da. awesome lamp.

Mandy's laugh

my own laugh

the unwaivering love and faithfulness of God, who allowed me to wallow in bed all day, and then told me to get up and go have ice cream. ;)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Mandy's Birthday

Today my baby girl turned 2!! My facebook status reads:
Two years ago I almost had a baby in my car. And in the parking lot. And in the elevator. And at the L&d desk. And on the floor of my room. I never pushed. I also never got so much as a tylenol which was completely contrary to my "birth plan". Lol. Birth plan. Hahaha. Happy birthday monster girl/demanda/mandible/monkeybutt/Mandy. I adore you.

so i won't go into a whole birth story. But my contractions at home were at 10 minutes and without much warning went to 2 minutes. We had to drive all the way across town, between Bakersfield college and Cal State, during lunch hour. Traffic? uh, yeah. Some traffic rules were definitely broken, so I was told. I was busy trying to rip the "oh shit" handle out of the ceiling of the car.

Skipping ahead a bit, I did not push once. I had NO control. She was coming out without any assistance from me at all!!

And here's the cool part. She came out with the amniotic sac intact. This is called "in the caul" and what I found out is that its rare because almost all amniotic sacs are ruptured by a nurse or doctor during the birth process if it hasn't ruptured naturally. But there was no time for anyone to do anything in my case...we barely got me into a bed!! They didn't even get a regular hydration IV hooked up on me! So I didn't see it but I'm told that when the head emerged the sac was bulging out and her hair was floating around!! More of the head came out and more of the sac bulged with it. I think the nurse finally broke it to deliver her fully.

The chatter about it after the fact was that Liberace had been born in the caul and its a sign of good luck, or genius. Ironically, at her whopping 6 lbs, the first thing anyone said at all was "oh my god she's so tiny" and then "oh my god, look HOW long her fingers are!!" so maybe she will take after liberace!

I researched babies born "in the caul" and its really fascinating. I found this woman's blog and I WISH I could see the picture she has linked. The link does not work. damn. (post script. I found the pictures. eh. baby was super ugly and the pictures were just OK)

then here at Wiki you can get the facts on it. And more of the folklore associated with it.

what I learned in that article is that babies born in the caul are thought to become psychic. KEWL.

there are a couple of pictures and videos floating around if you're brave enough to google them. pretty interesting really. Nice to have validation of my inkling that she will grow up to be great somehow. ;)

I wish I had pictures of her birth. We barely remembered to take any right after because we were all so confused by the event!! I have awesome pictures of Cliff's birth, cord cutting and all kinds of great stuff. But for Mandy, all we have is this:

I have always said I had this baby for Cliff. He knew it before she was even conceived. The day before I had my birth control device removed (IUD for the curious) - and we had told no one by the way, let alone our 3 year old boy! - he told his teacher at preschool "Miss Rosita, I have a baby sister, but she's still in my mommy's heart and she's too little to come out yet".

Rosita told me this and I bawled on the spot. You will never convince me that an angel or a mischievous grandparent in heaven didn't whisper it straight into that boy's ear!! He KNEW.

And when she was born, the normally trepidatious child marched right into the hospital room and said "where's my sister" and held his arms out. He knew that was his baby. You can see it on his face in the pictures. Man, he was so little and LOOK how TINY she is in his little arms! she was SO tiny!!!

I am so blessed!!!

here ends childbirth trivia and mommy fluff. as you were.

Bday Epilogue

All things considered, it was a beautiful birthday!




God, are you reading the blog, dude? pllleeeeeease?


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Birthday

I turn 37
I was born in 73

that must mean something.
they add up to 10.
many possibilities. much hope. many choices. choosing love over fear. choosing to follow my own song. choosing to go through open doors. Choosing to hear God everywhere He speaks and in every manner that He ME.

Happy Birthday to me. My heart is somewhat heavy. But my hopes are high.

Thank you for all your love, my friends!

-The Diva