Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Update on Project Humanity

So its taken me a few days to process and get my mental ducks in a row but here is what happened this weekend...

As you know I have been cooking up this "let's make a difference" thing for a while now and decided part of our funds would be used for homeless outreach. I wasn't sure how or when or what was going to happen and I had mused about McDonald's cards.

Well last week on Facebook my friend posted that he and his wife were going to distribute socks, gloves, hats, blankets etc, as well as sack lunches to the homeless that weekend. So I decided to team up with them. I had a budget, and some coats that you all had donated. So we got organized that morning and after some hunting found some people in need. (We had to do some looking and recon believe it or not, but then found more than we expected.)

By the time we met up with our friends most of the lunches were gone and the socks had been blown through as well as the blankets. The coats I brought went in a hot second!! My handful of blankets disappeared quickly. Then they decided to hit a park down the street. meanwhile I of course befriended the man with the dog. Those who know me will not be surprised by this. I asked him how he was. He was not old enough for the walker he was using but said he'd had a few strokes etc. I asked if he had a warm coat etc. and if his dog had food. He said they'd just run out. Cutest dog you ever saw...butt up in the air and more than a year old at most. So I told my friend Timothy that I would go get a few things and be back.

So I went to Food Max and nervously left my car to go shop. (Not a great neighborhood). I grabbed a bag of dogfood and then deliberated over the smaller bag. I opted for the slightly bigger bag but regretted it later. Anyway, grabbed some blankets, some beef jerky, some trail mix etc. It took foreeeeeever to get out of there because the poor woman and her mother in front of me were trying to find their food stamps and load up their little walking cart with their groceries so they could walk home. I patiently waited, counting my blessings. Checked out, then headed to the Salvation Army to get coats, sweats, shoes and whatever else I could find.

I headed back over, having missed the trip to the park and the heartbreaking homeless children, I'm told, and found my friend Tim. He was very grateful, though I felt bad about the bigger bag of dog food because he opted to carry it around. not a huge bag but not walker friendly. Anyway, so that was about it for that. It was one of the most rewarding and fantastic days I've ever had. I want to do it every day. It was awesome and overwhelming and beautiful. And I was UTTERLY EXHAUSTED later that day.

When I told my parents about my adventure later that evening my dad pulled his sweats out from under the bed and some pants he doesn't wear and they are waiting for me as well. :)

I will continue to collect any coats you have, as well as blankets, and outwear like scarves, hats, gloves etc. Gloves are a really nice thing!!

So if you have any, please jing my bell. :)

THEN earlier this week I gathered up my toys both purchased and donated for the mom and kids in Northern Cal and boxed it up and got it shipped off in time for Xmas arrival!!! COOL!!!! Seriously cool!! I didn't expect to be able to get them anything in time for Xmas!!

I will still be driving a CAR LOAD of stuff up on New Year's. Lots of stuff. You guys are so amazing!!

Thank you so much for your generosity. This was so great and fun and fulfilling and amazing and heart warming and touching and...COOL!!

I love everyone. Which is way better than cursing humanity. Look how that works!!!

I have one more facet of this and I'm still working on that. Stay tuned.



Monday, December 19, 2011


We interrupt all this goodness and warmth with a rant!!

I've made it no secret that I am sick of the government oozing into every aspect of my life and this law is on the top of my list. I have blogged and ranted about it at length.

Just for the record, I sing in my car, I pray in my car, I talk to myself A LOT. shocking right? right. I talk to other drivers like they can hear me "go right ahead jackass, I wanted to test my brakes anyway, thank you! asshat!" I rehearse imaginary speeches accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. I tell off people who've wronged me so I don't kill them for real. So how is a cop going to tell if I am doing any of these things or using my speakerphone?? And does the State of California not have more pressing issues than to deciper my singing with myself from my conversing with others? I owe the state of Calif. money from the year I was unemployed. (please explain that one to me) but we can NOT reach them on any of their phone lines because they are on furlow every 10 minutes!!

Really big brother...PISS OFF!!!!
(see article for more articulate and informative yet less entertaining information) this is going on my whiney blog too, for obvious reasons!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Update on Project Redeem Humanity

Ok, after a few days of blah-ness I am excited again. I am usually a bit superstitious and hence hesitant to disclose things before they happen. But I have to share with you guys what YOU are doing.

So here's the latest scoop on what your generous hearts are doing via my project.

First I'll recap where we are in case you were sleeping. So I bitched about how much people suck cuz they bludgeon each other for $2 waffle irons on Black Friday. I handed humanity its ass, via my humble blog here, and then YOU inspired me.

So I decided I could so something besides bitch. Cuz let's face it its not going to be "instead" of bitching. I will always bitch. But I'm backing my bitch up with love this time.

So I asked for names and stories and a couple have risen to the surface as my focal points. I have been calling it "Project Redeem Humanity".

My primary project became a woman with several children who needed Christmas and some clothes. The story was that Santa might not show up at their house this year. The oldest child is 8. This became sub-project "project Santa"

And then Y'ALL started bringing me stuff, and writing me checks!!! and you have NO idea how...amazing that is. To be that kind of conduit.

So here's what's happening. With your checks and cash I have been able to purchase toys for all her kids, and for her. I was going to take this haul up there by car AFTER xmas however your generosity I am able to ship the toys now in time for Xmas!! and then I will take the clothes and equipment/stuff up there on my trip.

I will purchase some odds and ends to complete the package this weekend, and get it shipped out asap.

The other part of your donations are going to go to a hard working family. I am prayerfully contemplating which direction to put the money so I'm just letting my heart decide. This project, while it would be beautiful to deliver for Xmas, is a bit less time sensitive. So if you feel moved to donate, its not too late. Whatever money is left after I get the toys etc for the kids will go to this family. Wherever it ends up I know it will be very appreciated. This project doesn't have a name yet. It needs one!

The last part of this project is the "coffee and coats" project for the homeless. I have been waiting for Divine direction on this, or enlightenment in some form. :) I have allocated a small portion of your donations for this purpose and been waiting for a need. So coincidentally I found that one of my facebook friends and his wife have decided to do a similar homeless ministry this weekend. I needed help in doing this myself so this is perfect. So we are teaming up this weekend to distribute socks, hats, coats, blankets, coffee, and whatever else may be needed to the homeless in the downtown area. God uses facebook, I'm telling you!

If you'd still like to sacrifice your pizza fund so someone else can be warm or have Xmas or have a decent meal, please scroll down my blog for my paypal link, or contact me at

I love you all, and I'm so grateful to have this opportunity to pull my head out of my own ass.
I can not thank you enough, those of you who have donated!!! You are amazing!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Getting more organized. Giving ROCKS!!!

My heart is so full!!! The cup of Christmas spirit runneth over!!! Beautiful stuff.

My friend in Ireland tested my PayPal link- It works. ;)

cash donations made will be used for:

the kids who up north who have no Santa this year,

2 women,

1 family

and cold homeless coffee drinkers

not necessarily in that order.

If you want to specify where your donation goes feel free. If you donate $10 and want it to be used for a toy, or a homeless person or a mom just let me know.

I am collecting donations of:

baby clothes (nb girl plus girl and boys 2t - size 6-8)

coats in adult and child sizes

kids winter shoes

adult outer wear

toys for ages 1-8
(kids are as follows: girls age 8 mo and one to be born in the spring, boys age 2, 3, 5 & 7)

and mcds cards

email me at to arrange something or ask questions.

Love you guys to pieces for doing this with me!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Beautiful People

Y'all...I am so excited.
My job is a...job. (read: pain in the ass that provides little reward). I am very busy doing a whole lot of nothin. This thing WE are doing is making me feel so awesome.

So here's the deal: We have some definite possiblities and needs. And there are a lot of causes out there and organizations who help families in needs. But there are always gaps and cracks. And there are always needs.

Here is what I am working on:

My friend "A" has several children and has been in an abusive situation. The circumstances are difficult and stressful. She has a need for a lot of things, but I am primarily focusing on clothes for the kids. They age from newborn to 8 years old both boys and girls. I am taking clothing donations starting now. There may be a need for some small equipment type items...I am checking. There is always a need for shoes, coats, diapers, formula, that kind of thing.

Here is the hard part of this story...her kids need Xmas presents and I'm told she is contemplating telling them the "truth" about Santa. I put it in quotes because I still absolutely believe in Santa myself. :) I don't know if I can swing it in the time frame. 5 kids in need of a toy or 2 to save their Christmas innocence. I can't deliver items to Northern Cal by Xmas.

But the clothes will go with me when I go visit my Diva Friend Carol at the end of this month. Its on my way and I'm thrilled to donate some my own kids clothes. Damn children won't stop growing!!

I have 2 other hard working women who just need help with bills and Christmas and life in general and I'm working on something for them.

And then there is the homeless coffee/coat drive as I'm calling it now. McDonald's cards in $10 or $15 denominations, winter coats, small blankets, maybe small toiletries, socks, gloves, hats. That kind of thing...ya know? I will be distributing those items anytime I get enough accumulated but hope to take my kids to do this with me just before Christmas and maybe just after.

Please consider helping me. This feels a little more personal to me than just a nebulous charity.
If you have any questions please email me at

The Paypal link below is active, but if you'd rather put the money in my hand I get it and I will arrange a time to meet up with you.

For those of you with clothing and kid/household items to donate (nothing too big as i have to squish it into my car for a trip) I will start taking those any time as well.

I can't even begin to tell you what my heart feels like at those of you who have reached out. One of you specifically who has been very generous and I'm so grateful that you are extending yourself to my silly wild hair up my ass charity idea.

This is becoming something amazing. you guys are awesome. Keep it coming!!


Soapbox Diva!