Thursday, March 1, 2012

When God Turns a Day Around

Today sucked. bad. big sucking. of rotten eggs. and donkey asses. and I make no apologies for the fragment sentences.
we are really busy at work, trying to figure out WTF, while mastering world domination by redheads. And man, its exhausting. Right now, paperclips are my kryptonite.

So I left the office feeling battered and beaten and defeated and pissed.
I left and went to the store, where nothing interesting happened. Then I went to get my haircut. Started to feel marginally less horrible because I looked cute. Cute is always good for karma. I had time after my haircut to pick up some prescriptions that I've been needing, and then I had to stop and get gas.

Gas. bleck. depressing. expensive. depressing. and its cold outside.
so a homeless man approaches me for change. I said I had to save some for my kid but gave him a good palm full. And a granola bar. He was very chipper and cool and said thanks! Then I said, hey I have other snacks cuz my kids always want some. Do you want some more granola bars? sure! he said. I have oranges...sure! he said. cool. I already felt 200X better just from giving this man oranges and granola bars.

Then I realized something....

Back at the beginning of the year when we did the homeless outreach which was so beautiful to give those men clothes and socks and warm hats and blankets and whatever we could find at the salvation army that day. It was a great day. My dad donated some old sweats (which are like matching and very swanky old man "sweatsuits", some socks, a hat, several tshirts and dockers. And since our homeless outreach I have tried to find a home for these clothes. They were in my house. Then my car. Then back in the house. Finally I decided that the car was more logical. I had even gone back to the place we did the homeless outreach before and found no one at that time.

so I called over my oranges and granola friend again. I asked him if he needed clothes. Yes he said, wide eyed. I explained that I'd had these clothes laying around trying to find a home for them so I must have been waiting for him. I suggested he go get his cart and go shopping in my car! we introduced ourselves. His name was Ernest. He was jazzed about the sweats...warm and adjustable. :) he took the socks with glee. and the hat. He loved my dad's very republican USA tshirts. I gave him the matching swanky sweatsuit and told him he'd be set for a date in that outfit. I asked him if he wanted the pants, or had friends who could use them and he said yes. I said OK well then, you've just relieved me of all my stock! Do you want a bottle of water too? yes. well here you go. That work for you? yes m'am it does!

So we bid each other adieu, now on a first name basis, and I got in my car. For the first time in days I felt like i was just just running jello. Its funny to me that those clothes have been just sitting there. That my day was so shitty. That he was just All funny...not in a ha ha way...but in an A-ha way.

I needed that. my soul feels fed. :)