Monday, June 17, 2013

Where can we go?

Driving, I'm thinking about money, and a man crosses the street in front of me.   He has dark black skin.  He is probably in his 50s.  Rather fit.  His clothes fit him well. But he is sepia from head to toe.  Like an overexposed shot with a yellow filter in an apocalyptic film.  His shoes and clothes are tattered and worn out.   This monochromatic pedestrian quickly adjusted my viewpoint.  Not because I feel better than him. Or luckier.  Just because I am here.   I watched life of pi last night.  There is so much we overlook in life.  We swim in such shallow waters when they are so deep and rich.   How much we miss every day on our journey blinded by what we believe is our destination. We are always telling life where to take us, rather than asking ourselves "what are the possibilities in where I can go?"